Our Testimonials

" A big thank you to Ann Marie and CoachMeFit. When I first started training with Ann Marie, my goal was simply to get back in shape. But as I became stronger, I set more ambitious goals; I wanted to run a half-marathon. We talked about it and Ann Marie changed my workouts to train me for the race. I successfully completed the Detroit Half-Marathon in '05! My next goal was to improve my time in the race. I decided that if I lost some weight, I might be able to move faster. Ann Marie started running outside with me to push me, and then I joined Weight-Watchers. I have lost 22 pounds and improved my time by 10 minutes when I ran the race again in '06! I appreciate the support that Ann Marie has given to me for the last four years and the comfortable atmosphere at CoachMeFit. You helped me find the 'old me,' and I am happy to be back. Thank you."


Debbie Melican