Our Testimonials

" I used to come home worn out and with lower back pain after working all day as a physical therapist. I realized being out of shape was a major cause of that. I started training at CoachMeFit with Bill Morel about ten months ago and it dramatically changed how I feel physically and mentally. It has made my work easier, eliminated my back pain, increased my strength and endurance, and reduced my stress.

"One of my goals when I started at CoachMeFit was to run a 5K, and on July 4th I did in 41:20. My new goal is to run a 5K in less than 40 minutes. While I am aware this won't qualify me for the Olympic trials, the amount of satisfaction I got from crossing the finish line made every hour, every treadmill session, and every weight I've lifted worth it.

"Training at CoachMeFit has given me a much better perspective on life. Occasionally, I look at other gyms and trainers but none of them even comes close to the great works outs I get at Bill's fun, challenging, and creative sessions. Bravo Bill!"


Lucy Stoops