Our Testimonials

" When I started training with Lindsay I intended to train with her for six months. That was six years ago. I had participated in sports and was active all my life but as I entered middle age I realized the importance of weight training to having a healthy, active life as I got older. I remember discovering that I had so little upper body strength that I could hardly do two push-ups from my knees.

"Training has made a remarkable difference in me. At 57, I feel almost as strong as I was in my 20s. Lindsay incorporates exercises to improve my flexibility and balance so my body won't limit me from enjoying life into my "golden years." She creates workouts for me to do at home and counsels me on how to keep my weight down. I couldn't ask for a more accommodating, committed trainer who is also a joy to work with.

"I've been impressed with how knowledgeable all of the trainers at CoachMeFit are about exercise physiology. It's a treat to be around such supportive, positive people."


Sharon Darga