Our Testimonials

My road to a healthier and more fit lifestyle could not have been achieved without the weekly trainings from Jason Peterson at Coach Me Fit.

Jason first helped me get lean and fit for my wedding back in 2011. I took a break due to a demanding work travel schedule and a busy home life but knew I needed to get back to where I was in 2011 for my health and for my now 3 young kids.  I knew the only person to get me back in shape was Jason.

His knowledge and creative workouts have kept me motivated and challenged. The results speak for themselves. In a matter of 3 months I was able to lose 20lbs and inches all over. His outgoing and personable demeanor makes workouts enjoyable.

He has been a constant at Coach Me Fit and I plan to make sure that he is a constant in my weekly routines as well. For the future of myself and those dear to me, Jason has not only added years to my life but the confidence that I can achieve more than I thought I ever could.


Michael Ruppert