Our Testimonials

" Many thanks to Franklin and CoachMeFit. When I turned 60 last Fall, I was jogging regularly, but neglecting strength work. I seemed destined to become one of those aging joggers who can't lift their own luggage. My wife and daughter, who were already training at CoachMeFit, gave me a package of sessions for my birthday. Since working with Franklin I have gained significant new strength. Franklin bet me that leg strength training would improve my running and, to prove it, even offered to join me for the Shamrock 5K in March. Thanks to all those lunges and variety of other leg work, the hilly course didn't take the usual toll on my legs and I finished feeling great (After finishing way ahead of me, Franklin kept his promise and jogged back to coach me through the final half mile. What great dedication for a personal trainer!).

"Though I have exercise machines at home, the encouragement I receive at CoachMeFit and Franklin's ever-creative variety of exercises makes me able to do much more here than I ever would on my own. While our focus has been on leg strength, Franklin has me doing quite a bit of work on upper body and core strength as well. My wife insists I continue to carry my own luggage!"


Rich Correll