Amazing! I see Joanie 1-2x per week and she is great! Cellulite is almost completely gone, my body is looking leaner and more toned, and now I feel like I can actually go to the gym on days when I can't make it to see her and have a clue what I am doing! Wonderful location. Very nice and clean. I always feel really comfortable coming here to work out. Everyone at CoachMeFit is very helpful. Whenever I have a question I just ask Joanie and she always gives me great tips and keeps me on track. The workouts are effective and I actually have fun. At first I thought I would do ten sessions and then just go out on my own, but once my package was up I had to do another! I will definitely keep seeing Joanie as long as I can. I notice a huge difference in my body and feel great. Thank you CoachMeFit!