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Week 5 Update: Joelle Still Going Strong!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

“Biggest Loser” contestant Joelle Gwynn is a client at the CoachMeFit studio in West Bloomfield,  MI.  She works out with the owner of the studio, Catherine Munaco.

“Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on NBC.

Catherine will be blogging weekly first-hand updates from Joelle’s training

Catherine Munaco and Celebrity CoachMeFit Client, Joelle Gwynn.

Catherine Munaco and Celebrity CoachMeFit Client, Joelle Gwynn

Joelle had an interview with Matt Lauer last Tuesday on the Today Show, so I didn’t see her to workout on Monday or Tuesday. Thankfully, the Today show went off without much drama. Joelle and Carla both looked great, they were friendly, and most importantly they got to show off the hard work they’ve been doing!

Now that Joelle has been eliminated and the interview rush has subdued, we got to spend this week refocusing and getting back to our regular schedule. Joelle meets with me four days per week for her most intense workouts, and then she fills in with cardio classes or recumbent bike riding. The weather in Michigan is FINALLY starting to thaw, so we even went for a short jog together. This week marks the first time that Joelle has jogged a mile straight. That may sound simple, but, like most overweight or unathletic people, Joelle never jogged when she was younger. I started with a mile so she would realize that she could do it. Joelle was extremely proud of herself, and she should be! We’re already talking about road racing together. We’ll probably start with a 5k, but eventually I would like her to run/walk a half marathon with me (she doesn’t know this yet…) The great thing about jogging, if you can do it without your joints hurting, is that it burns a lot of calories and you don’t need very much equipment (a good pair of running shoes is enough). You can get a decent workout in by jogging around your block, even when time is limited. You don’t need to waste time driving to the gym. Plus, with regular jogging you can see vast improvements in a relatively short amount of time, especially for beginners. If you’ve never jogged before, try this beginner routine: Jog for 3 minutes, and then walk for 3 minutes. Go for at least 30 minutes. If you do this every day for a month, you will see you won’t need to walk as long. You may not even have to walk at all!

Joelle is looking forward to being able to run longer distances at a faster pace, but she has been working hard on her treadmill intervals. Every week we’ve tried to increase her speed or her pace. This week she’s running 8.5 mph for 30 second intervals on the treadmill (she walks in between intervals to recover, and does about 12 intervals in all). Next week we’ll increase the speed again. Joelle’s goal is to be able to do intervals at 10mph for 30-45 seconds.

On a personal note, it’s great to have Joelle focused and motivated. I definitely noticed a change since she came home from New York last week. We have a little over two months and we are going strong!


Clients Reach Goals Through Accountability

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Amy and Shellay from NBC’s “Biggest Loser” were interviewed by WDIV this week along with their personal trainer, CoachMeFit Owner Derek DiGiovanni. 

Their weight loss since being eliminated from the show has been truly remarkable and they attribute much of this accomplishment to Derek’s help.  Watch the clip above to hear them talk about just how far they’ve come.


After elimination, Amy offers advice for others

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

“Biggest Loser” contestants Amy and Shellay are clients at the CoachMeFit studio in Birmingham, MI.  They work out with the owners of the studio, Derek and Kerrie DiGiovanni.

“Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on NBC.

Last night, Amy was voted off the show. Eager to stay at the ranch and continue the rugged regime, she would now have to go it alone. Instead of a TV star for a trainer she would look to Derek at the local CoachMeFit to “kick butt.” It’s working. Her weight continues to go down.

Amy has some advice for people who are seriously over weight but don’t have the luxury of a stay at the Biggest Loser ranch to help them.

    1) Make exercise a priority every day. If there is something else you want to do, tell yourself that you can’t do it until you do your cardio, or weights.
    2) Ideally find a “workout buddy” who is committed to exercising with you regularly. Of course, a personal trainer is your best support system.
    3) Diets alone don’t work.
    4) Realize that many physical symptoms—aching legs and feet, difficulty breathing, and a host of medical problems—are the result of your weight, and you can be free of them.
    5) Set small attainable goals, achieve them, and set more small goals. If you never exercise, don’t start with a goal of working out every day. You’re likely to fail, and give up completely.

This week’s pay-off for Amy was going to lunch with friends she used to work with and finding that many didn’t recognize her. Priceless.

In case you are curious … Amy and Shellay won’t be indulging in a 4,000-calorie (the average intake of an adult at Thanksgiving dinner) eating frenzy this Thanksgiving. They are eating turkey breast, salad, and cauliflower mashed “potatoes.”


Amy Dropping Pounds and Going Strong

Friday, November 21st, 2008

“Biggest Loser” contestants Amy and Shellay are clients at the CoachMeFit studio in Birmingham, MI.  They work out with the owners of the studio, Derek and Kerrie DiGiovanni.

“Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on NBC.

Nothing celebrates losing a lot of weight like selling all your “fat” clothes in a garage sale. That’s exactly what Amy and Shellay did, vowing that they are so over being overweight.

Amy and her Personal Trainer, Derek

Amy and her Personal Trainer, Derek

If Amy reaches her goal, she’ll be wearing a size-10 dress for the season finale. On Tuesday’s program Amy beat out all other contestants in terms of the greatest percentage of weight loss in a week. She lost 8 lbs for a total weight loss of 66 lbs.

Shellay is on-track to don a size 6 little black dress when she returns. Shellay admits that exercising for hours every day is getting tougher. Boredom, burnout … that’s inevitable when all day, every day for the last six months you’ve been counting every calorie you burn. It’s her personal training sessions that keep her enthused. “I always feel really good after working out with Derek. Sure, I’m exhausted, but my stress and any negative feelings are gone.”

Shellay believes that if you exercise infrequently, you can convince yourself you’ve reached your limit although your body is far from it. But with a good personal trainer you find you are capable of more than you imagined. “CoachMeFit is full of positive energy. I cross paths week after week with the same people and can see their progress.

I would tell anyone who is struggling with losing weight to in invest in personal training, even a few times a month. It would be hard to put a price on the benefits.”


Amy’s Workout Regime

Friday, November 14th, 2008
CoachMeFit Birmingham Owner, Derek DiGiovanni, guides Amy through one of her workouts

“Biggest Loser” contestants Amy and Shellay are clients at the CoachMeFit studio in Birmingham, MI.  They work out with the owners of the studio, Derek and Kerrie DiGiovanni.

“Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on NBC.

“I’ll never go back to that life,” says a determined Amy referring to the years when she never, ever exercised, dieted off and on, and gained weight year after year. “I knew very little about the Biggest Loser right up to the day I tried out for the show. I did know that if I was ever going to change my life, this was my chance.”

Living on the Biggest Loser’s ranch where she learned the importance of exercise and how to eat right transformed Amy. By Tuesday’s show Amy had lost 58 pounds — the equivalent of 24% of her body weight. And the hard work continues. At CoachMeFit she warms up, powers through a 45 – 60 minute cardio workout on a combination of elliptical, treadmill and bike and then completes a 45 – 50 minute weight circuit and cools down. She experiences some muscle soreness after weight training, but it doesn’t bother her. “It’s a sign I worked hard.” The weight training builds muscle tone to add firmness to her smaller shape. The rest of her training is on her own in the form of gym workouts and hours of walking.

Training with Derek or Kerrie helps Amy feel grounded and committed. Like her workouts at the Biggest Loser ranch, the sessions are serious business. Her trainers know that Amy is in it to win.


Amy’s Hardwork Paying Off

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

“Biggest Loser” contestants Amy and Shellay are clients at the CoachMeFit studio in Birmingham, MI.  They work out with the Owners of the studio, Derek and Kerrie DiGiovanni.

“Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on NBC.

“The energy goes right out of me when I don’t exercise. That’s a real eye-opener,” Shellay observed after a family funeral and other obligations made it impossible to keep up her intense exercise regimen this past week. Contrary to how she might have expected to feel after dramatically cutting down on exercise, Shellay admits she “felt exhausted.”

Amy’s hard work is really paying off. When Biggest Loser last aired two weeks ago, she ranked number one – she had lost the greatest percentage of body fat of any of the contestants. From Shellay’s perspective, this has made as big a change in her attitude as in her body. “She is so much happier now.”

Shellay has mentioned before that she tried all kinds of diets from the time she was a teenager. It wasn’t until Biggest Loser that she realized the role of exercise in losing weight. If you doubt the extremes to which she went to lose weight, check this out — Shellay, her mom, aunt, and cousin all tried a controversial diet that involved receiving injections of animal placenta. Imagine that even as a teenager, Shellay was desperately searching for a way to lose weight, just like her mom.


Weekly Update #5. Celebrity Status.

Friday, October 24th, 2008

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC

Shellay’s celebrity status went up several notches with her live appearance on the Today Show last Tuesday. “I live in my workout clothes. Wearing Spandex is my signature,” she confirmed to a nationwide audience. Her “before” photo showed the dramatic difference the loss of 60 lbs has made in her body.

Shellay admits that her lifelong failure to lose weight led to an overall feeling of failure. She couldn’t muster the physical energy and confidence to work outside her home. Her husband encouraged her to “just get moving.” Now her “head is spinning” with ideas of what she wants to do with her life after December. In trying diet after diet, she learned what eating habits to adopt to lose weight. It was the role of exercise that surprised her.

There are greater challenges to losing weight at 51, than at 31. You’ve been living with the physical consequences of being overweight for a longer amount of time, and as a woman, you’re dealing with menopause. But Shellay is overwhelming proof that if you are determined you can transform yourself regardless of age. For Shellay, support from her husband, daughter, and personal trainers is keeping her on track without a weekly weigh-in in front of the cameras.


Weekly Posting #4. Shellay voted off, but continues to make progress with the help of CoachMeFit

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

“Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on NBC.

On Tuesday’s (10/14) show, Shellay was voted out of the competition. Before the contestants headed to the weekly weigh-in, she had packed her clothes, acting on a hunch that it would be her turn to leave. Shellay was devastated at the time and seeing it again on TV brought that hurt to the surface again.

Shellay with CoachMeFit Owner and Personal Trainer, Derek DiGiovanni

Shellay with CoachMeFit Owner and Personal Trainer, Derek DiGiovanni

Her team members, who had also become her friends regretted having to make this choice. Most agreed it was easier because they were confident Shellay would continue losing weight on her own. In fact, she didn’t doubt it herself. “I knew my husband would give me 100% support. He wants me to focus on my exercise program and doesn’t mind if it takes up the majority of my time. Besides that, I will not let myself be embarrassed when I come back for the final weigh in.”

A few days after Shellay returned to her life in Michigan, she walked into the CoachMeFit in Birmingham and planned her challenging new fitness routine with Derek. She admits the one good thing about being voted out—she’s no longer stressed every day by the anticipation of Jillian-style workouts.

Year after year and diet after diet, Shellay lacked the self discipline to stick with a fitness program. Going from the imposed routine at the ranch to taking responsibility for her own workout regimen could have been the beginning of one more failure. As the latest photos of Shellay prove, she’s making real life work in her favor, so far.


Weekly posting #3. CoachMeFit follows Shellay’s progress as a contestant on the “Biggest Loser.”

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

“Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on NBC.

“Amy and I made up a name for Derek, our CoachMeFit trainer … ‘Stroke’ … because he’s silent but deadly. He earned that name last week by coaching us through one of the toughest and best workouts I’ve had. He has a calm, quiet way of getting me to work harder than I ever imagined.” Shellay explained that exercise is a greater challenge for her than dieting, but she has found the one-on-one time with a trainer is the incentive she needs.

Workouts with Jillian were quite different, as viewers witnessed in last week’s program when her “boot camp” style brought Shellay to tears. After it aired, her friends called to console her. But Shellay believes there’s a positive side to facing the tough talk. It helps her confront the life-long issues that keep her from succeeding.

As a “Biggest Loser” celebrity, Shellay has become a role model for people who’ve struggled to lose weight. “People email me for advice and tell me I’m an inspiration.” Shellay has been asked to speak to different groups about her experience. Yet with all the evidence that she has made a dramatic life change, Shellay can hardly believe what she sees in the mirror. “That can’t be me. I still see myself as fat.”


Weekly update #2 — CoachMeFit’s Celebrity Clients from the “Biggest Loser”

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

The “Biggest Loser” airs on Tuesday’s at 8:pm on NBC.

Shellay stayed on the “losing” track this week with the help of Kerrie, co-owner and trainer at CoachMeFit in Birmingham. Although Shellay describes both Kerrie and Derek as “easy-going” she adds that when the going gets tough, they know how to be tougher.

Amy and Shellay are trusting Kerrie and Derek DiGiovanni (above) to help them continue their weight loss

Amy and Shellay have selected Kerrie and Derek DiGiovanni (above) to help them continue their weight loss since leaving left the "Biggest Loser" ranch.

How does this mother/daughter team handle a contest that requires so much personal effort and discipline? Shellay recalls that coming back to reality after leaving the ranch was a bit of a “shock.” Life is different. You have to create a new routine. “Amy and I do feel some competitiveness as we set our own fitness goals,” Shellay commented. Amy realized that her friends were distracting her from focusing on losing weight, so she has limited the time she is available to them between Monday and Friday. On the other hand, Shellay has the support of her husband who is happy to make exercise a part of their lives together.

As for the workout…

Shellay does weight exercises with Kerrie or Derek, not on her own, as a way of preventing injury. During her 45-minute sessions on the treadmill or other cardio equipment she has learned how to change the speed and incline for a more varied workout. “I’m not coordinated,” she admits, “so I feel more comfortable on equipment that requires less balance.”

Shellay already feels like a winner—her cholesterol is down from 208 to 135!