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Personal Training Success Story

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Everybody has different reasons for working out. Some of our clients want to lose inches and pounds, some want to improve their 5k times, and some simply want help improving the quality of their lives. Here at the CoachMeFit studio in Grand Rapids, we have seen success in many ways for our clients, and recently, we helped one of them enjoy the trip of her lifetime.

Ann Marie came to us looking to lose a few inches and pounds, but as we began to achieve those milestones, her goals began to change. Ann Marie scheduled a trip to Italy with her sister. This trip was going to cover a lot of beautiful territory they had wanted to visit their whole lives, and it was going to cover that ground mostly on foot. Ann Marie was worried that given her age and weight she would not be able to keep up with the pack or see all of the things she wanted to. We trained for several weeks with her trip to Italy specifically in mind. We focused on strength training with her lower body and maintaining it’s flexibility, as well as getting her heart and lungs ready for the cardiovascular demands.

Ann Marie returned home from her trip to Italy with a large smile on her face when she walked back in to the studio to resume her training. She was able to not only keep up with the pack, but said she often found herself waiting for them. Not once was she tired or sore and not once did her health keep her from seeing anything she wanted to see. She was very thankful that she put in the physical work that was necessary for her trip, and she was glad that her trainer at CoachMefit was able to help her do so.


We are rolling in Birmingham, Foam Rolling

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

You might ask, “What is foam rolling?” It is actually a process called self-myofascial release. To perform self myofascial release our personal trainers are using a molded foam piece that is 3 feet long and 6 inches round. Myo refers to muscle, fascia to the tissue that surrounds the muscle fibers. By putting pressure on tender areas along the muscle tissue, foam rolling increases blood flow, removes adhesions in the fascia, and increases the overall movement of the muscle.

This process has really helped many of our competitive running clients stay ahead of any potential injuries. Our personal trainers have incorporated foam rolling into many clients cool down and stretching segments of their workout. However, we have also encouraged our clients to foam roll on their own as a part of their regular fitness maintenance routine.

If you have any specific questions about foam rolling, just ask your CoachMeFit personal trainer about how foam rolling or self myofascial release can benefit your fitness program.