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Not enough time?

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

By: Jessica VanReenen, M.S. Clinical Exercise Physiology, Grand Rapids

Not enough time is usually one of first complaints I hear from clients when discussing exercise and eating habits. We all know that in order to lose weight we must expend more calories then we are consuming. Time is an important step in achieving weight loss, because it takes time, it does not just happen instantly. Not only is exercise an important aspect in weight loss but nutrition also plays a critical role. When I look at clients’ food logs, one of the main reasons for defeat in weight loss is because they do not take the time to plan ahead and do not pick the right foods. Having a plan will help you eat well! Here are some tips for eating well and shopping in the grocery store: 1.) Limit prepackaged foods: prepackaged foods contain a lot of sodium, fat and preservatives. 2.) Limit presweetened foods: Instead of buying presweetened cereals or yogurt (which contain a lot of sugar), buy the plain version and if absolutely necessary you can add a little bit of honey for your sweet tooth. 3.) Buy seasonal produce: try your local farmer’s market. 4.) Limit empty calories: Sodas and alcohol have lots of sugar and empty calories and no nutrients so why waste your money? 5.) Learn to read labels: the fewer the ingredients the better, avoid trans fats such as hydrogenated oils, and keep your saturated fats under 5 grams a serving. Watch for hidden sugars such as dextrose, corn syrup that may not be listed at the top of the ingredients. 6.) Plan a menu: don’t have time? That is probably not true, especially if you have time to sit and watch T.V. Plan a menu while watching T.V.! Having a plan will prevent you from impulse buying things you may crave at the store, and also allow you to plan healthier meals and not be tempted to eat out all the time. Remember, practice makes perfect. Try some of these steps here and there and make time to do them because you will benefit in the end!