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Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

By Jessica VanReenen, M.S. Clinical Exercise Physiology, CoachMeFit, Grand Rapids.

At CoachMeFit, Grand Rapids, community members now have the ability for a brief look into cardiovascular screening.  The major risk factors for cardiovascular disease are: 1.) age, men >45, women>55 years 2.) family history, heart disease in your family 3.) cigarette smoking, current smoker or past smoker, 4.) sedentary lifestyle, not doing any current physical activity 5.) obesity, a BMI over 30 6.) hypertension, blood pressure >140/90 mmHg 7.) dyslipidemia, LDL cholesterol over 130 mg/dL or HDL <40 mg/dL 8.) prediabetes, a fasting glucose level >100 mg/dL.  If you meet any criteria for these risk factors then you will be put into a risk stratification category. Low risk for CVD is have <1 risk factor, moderate risk is >2 risk factors, and high risk is if you have known cardiovascular disease or signs and symptoms relating to cardiovascular disease.  It is vital to each individual to be aware of these risk factors and make the necessary lifestyle modifications in order to decrease his or her risk for cardiovascular disease.