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The Biggest Loser

Monday, September 29th, 2008

This is the first of weekly updates on CoachMeFit’s celebrity clients, Biggest Loser contestants Shellay and Amy Cremen. The mother-daughter duo has been training at CoachMeFit Birmingham with owner/trainer Derek DiGiovanni since the summer. At stake is a $250,000 prize for losing the most weight by the season finale in mid December. The Biggest Loser airs every Tuesday at 8pm on NBC.The Biggest Loser at CoachMeFit

“I can feel my ribs!” exclaimed Shellay, noting one of the many ways her body is changing as she sheds more pounds each week. Shellay admits that until entering this competition she wasn’t able to maintain a diet or exercise program. She explained, “Not being able to keep commitments to ourselves and lack of self-discipline run in my family. But, I’m very good at keeping commitments to others.” Shellay thinks that’s a big reason why she can stick with her demanding, life-changing workout schedule. She’s made commitments to her teammate, her daughter Amy; to her husband who walks miles with her every night; and to Derek, her CoachMeFit trainer. Scheduling appointments 3 times a week are like making promises. Being accountable for her progress means working hard during each session.

Derek developed a fitness plan to meet Shellay’s goals. Her sessions are a combination of cardio and weight training. “When I have been able to diet and lose some weight, I just looked thinner. Now I can see how toning improves my shape.” In between CoachMeFit training, she works out on her own and adds a long walk every night.

“I haven’t been discouraged because I’ve continue to lose weight and see results,” says Shellay. “My whole mental attitude is different. I’ve stopped sabotaging myself and am convinced that I can do this. The benefits so outweigh the effort.”

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We are rolling in Birmingham, Foam Rolling

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

You might ask, “What is foam rolling?” It is actually a process called self-myofascial release. To perform self myofascial release our personal trainers are using a molded foam piece that is 3 feet long and 6 inches round. Myo refers to muscle, fascia to the tissue that surrounds the muscle fibers. By putting pressure on tender areas along the muscle tissue, foam rolling increases blood flow, removes adhesions in the fascia, and increases the overall movement of the muscle.

This process has really helped many of our competitive running clients stay ahead of any potential injuries. Our personal trainers have incorporated foam rolling into many clients cool down and stretching segments of their workout. However, we have also encouraged our clients to foam roll on their own as a part of their regular fitness maintenance routine.

If you have any specific questions about foam rolling, just ask your CoachMeFit personal trainer about how foam rolling or self myofascial release can benefit your fitness program.