Take Control of Yourself!

Kelly Kalbfleisch, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer

Manager of CoachMeFit Ann Arbor


As I began watching the new season of The Biggest Loser, I became overwhelmed and saddened at the number of people who are struggling with obesity.  We have clients in our CoachMeFit studios who could easily be candidates for the show.  I love The Biggest Loser because it shows what these overweight  people can actually do, physically and what barriers need to be broken down, mentally, in order for them to succeed in his/her journey in fitness and life.  I do get frustrated because the contestants on the show lose an amazing amount of weight in a short period of time and some of my clients think they should be able to do the same.  Everyone needs to keep in mind that these people are working out hours a day and being provided the necessary nutritional needs on a daily basis.  I can give my clients the nutritional knowledge and workout routines needed to succeed, but it’s ultimately up to each individual to want to make the change and believe he/she can.  People want the easy way out.  If everything in life was easy, we would all be thin, healthy and happy without having to put forth much effort.  Life is full of challenges and tests to make us better and healthier people.  You control who you are and your happiness.  Maybe you don’t have a lot of control over much in your life, but you do have control over the most important thing ever, yourself!  Take the power within you and apply it to your new healthy lifestyle.  Here’s your challenge for this fall:

Set one or two short term goals and write them down.  Seeing them will make it more believable.

Don’t jump into everything all at once with fitness and nutrition, if you need help with both.  Pick one area and stick with it for at least 30 days.  A habit begins or breaks in roughly 30 days.

Call on someone to help you if you can’t do it alone at first:  A trainer, family member or friend who will hold you accountable.

One particular person on this new season of The Biggest Loser caught my attention.  Her name is Shanna and is a grade 3 breast cancer survivor.  She said she had no control over cancer, but she does have control over one area that could prevent it from coming back, which is her weight loss.  My mother is a grade 3 breast cancer survivor as well and I will tell you it is the worst thing to see someone go through something they have no control over.  You have control over your weight and in turn, control over preventing other health problems along the way.  You owe it to yourself and others around you to make a change.


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