5 Tips for a Fab Abs Workout

By: Kelly Kalbfleisch

Ann Arbor CMF, Manager

Flying through your routine, overworking your middle and improper breathing are all big no-nos when it comes to training your abs.  Here’s how to maximize each and every workout;

1.  Your abs are like any other muscle and need rest. Give them at least 48 hours between sessions for maximum recovery.

2.  Don’t forget to breathe when doing abdominal moves. Remember: Exhale on the exertion and inhale on the return to avoid lactic acid buildup.

3.  For maximum results, do each rep deliberately and avoid all use of momentum.  If you’re doing it right, you should fatigue and even fail by the end of 15 reps.

4.  Use a mix of different abs moves each time you train to give your body new challenges while keeping your brain from getting bored.

5.  You can crunch ’til the cows come home, but if you’re not eating right, you’ll never see the results of your hard work. 

I’ve added different variations of the plank to my workouts instead of doing a form of crunch every abs day.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in the strength and firmness of my core.  

I like tip number 5 from above.  Clients ask me all the time if they should do more crunches or when they will start to see their ab muscles and lose the fat.  I hate to tell them, but it’s the truth..the muscles are there, but you won’t see them until you change your diet and keep consistant with cardio.  It’s a fact! 

-article from Oxygen Magazine

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