The TRX, An Essential Part of Your Workout

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

By: Amber Tebeau, NASM CPT, Manager and Trainer CoachMeFit West Bloomfield

The TRX, Total Resistance Exercise, is the latest and greatest piece of fitness equipment on the market.  The TRX is a form of suspension training that utilizes body weight to increase total body strength, balance, flexibility, core stability, and performance, which will also increase calorie burn and weight loss.

The TRX was created by Randy Hetrick, the founder of Fitness Anywhere, the company behind the TRX.  Randy created the TRX while he was on the battle field serving as a Navy SEAL.  Randy recognized the importance of having a piece of exercise equipment that was light, easily portable, and functional.  The TRX is now used by all of the branches of the Armed Forces, the NCAA, Hollywood stars, and professional athletes.

The TRX is a valuable piece of fitness equipment because it is appropriate for all ages and all fitness levels.  Virtually any exercise can performed on the TRX and the best part is that any exercise can be made to be more difficult or easier just by simply taking a step or two. The TRX weighs less than 2 pounds and it can be set up anywhere, including a gym, a park, a hotel room or at home.

CoachMeFit  started working with the TRX in the spring of 2010, and I went to an official TRX training course in July of 2010.  Our studios are very excited about getting on board with TRX suspension training.   We have found the TRX to be very challenging and very practical for our clients to use.   Our clients were very excited when we started using the TRX and their excitement has continued the more they have worked with it.  I have several clients who regularly ask to use the TRX during their sessions.

The TRX is one of best and most versatile pieces of equipment that we have at CoachMeFit.  Every exercise on the TRX engages the entire core, for an incredible total body workout.  If you have goals that include toning muscle, core and totally body strength, increased athletic performance or increased flexibility, then the TRX should become an essential part of your workout routine.


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