7 Truths About Exercise

By: Amber Tebeau NASM CPT, Manager CoachMeFit West Bloomfield

There are many myths when it comes to exercise. Take this short quiz to assess your level of exercise knowledge. Review the following statements and determine if they are true or false.

1. When you are doing a workout, it is most effective to be in the “Fat Burning Zone”.

True False

2. Cardio exercise on a machine is most effective for weight loss.

True False

3. Doing abdominal exercises is the best way to get rid of belly fat.

True False

4. It is just as effective to do six, 10 minute bouts of exercise, as it is to do one solid hour of exercise.

True False

5. Doing circuit weight training is as effective or more effective than doing cardio exercise on a machine, for heart health and weight loss.

True False

6. Exercise is hard work and is not supposed to be fun.

True False

7. The secret to successful weight loss is simply to burn more calories than you consume.

True False

1. False: The “Fat Burning Zone” is a myth, it does not exist. In a workout calories are burned not fat. It is important, when thinking in terms of weight loss, to understand the Law of Thermodynamics. The Law of Thermodynamics says that if more energy is expended than is consumed, weight will be lost. Thus, a weight loss will occur if more calories are burned than consumed.

2. False: Cardio exercise IS effective for weight loss, however ALL exercise is effective for weight loss.

3. False: Doing abdominal exercise is good and it will tighten and strengthen your core muscles. However, this does not remove fat from your midsection. The best way to get rid of fat around your middle is a total body fat loss. It is a myth that you can spot treat your body for fat loss.

4. True

5. True

6. False: The best type of exercise for an individual to do is the type of exercise that they WILL do. All exercise is effective to burn calories, so the exercise that is enjoyed is the best because it is the exercise that is most likely to be accomplished.

7. True


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