Weekly Posting #4. Shellay voted off, but continues to make progress with the help of CoachMeFit

“Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on NBC.

On Tuesday’s (10/14) show, Shellay was voted out of the competition. Before the contestants headed to the weekly weigh-in, she had packed her clothes, acting on a hunch that it would be her turn to leave. Shellay was devastated at the time and seeing it again on TV brought that hurt to the surface again.

Shellay with CoachMeFit Owner and Personal Trainer, Derek DiGiovanni

Shellay with CoachMeFit Owner and Personal Trainer, Derek DiGiovanni

Her team members, who had also become her friends regretted having to make this choice. Most agreed it was easier because they were confident Shellay would continue losing weight on her own. In fact, she didn’t doubt it herself. “I knew my husband would give me 100% support. He wants me to focus on my exercise program and doesn’t mind if it takes up the majority of my time. Besides that, I will not let myself be embarrassed when I come back for the final weigh in.”

A few days after Shellay returned to her life in Michigan, she walked into the CoachMeFit in Birmingham and planned her challenging new fitness routine with Derek. She admits the one good thing about being voted out—she’s no longer stressed every day by the anticipation of Jillian-style workouts.

Year after year and diet after diet, Shellay lacked the self discipline to stick with a fitness program. Going from the imposed routine at the ranch to taking responsibility for her own workout regimen could have been the beginning of one more failure. As the latest photos of Shellay prove, she’s making real life work in her favor, so far.

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