Weekly update #2 — CoachMeFit’s Celebrity Clients from the “Biggest Loser”

The “Biggest Loser” airs on Tuesday’s at 8:pm on NBC.

Shellay stayed on the “losing” track this week with the help of Kerrie, co-owner and trainer at CoachMeFit in Birmingham. Although Shellay describes both Kerrie and Derek as “easy-going” she adds that when the going gets tough, they know how to be tougher.

Amy and Shellay are trusting Kerrie and Derek DiGiovanni (above) to help them continue their weight loss

Amy and Shellay have selected Kerrie and Derek DiGiovanni (above) to help them continue their weight loss since leaving left the "Biggest Loser" ranch.

How does this mother/daughter team handle a contest that requires so much personal effort and discipline? Shellay recalls that coming back to reality after leaving the ranch was a bit of a “shock.” Life is different. You have to create a new routine. “Amy and I do feel some competitiveness as we set our own fitness goals,” Shellay commented. Amy realized that her friends were distracting her from focusing on losing weight, so she has limited the time she is available to them between Monday and Friday. On the other hand, Shellay has the support of her husband who is happy to make exercise a part of their lives together.

As for the workout…

Shellay does weight exercises with Kerrie or Derek, not on her own, as a way of preventing injury. During her 45-minute sessions on the treadmill or other cardio equipment she has learned how to change the speed and incline for a more varied workout. “I’m not coordinated,” she admits, “so I feel more comfortable on equipment that requires less balance.”

Shellay already feels like a winner—her cholesterol is down from 208 to 135!

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