We are rolling in Birmingham, Foam Rolling

You might ask, “What is foam rolling?” It is actually a process called self-myofascial release. To perform self myofascial release our personal trainers are using a molded foam piece that is 3 feet long and 6 inches round. Myo refers to muscle, fascia to the tissue that surrounds the muscle fibers. By putting pressure on tender areas along the muscle tissue, foam rolling increases blood flow, removes adhesions in the fascia, and increases the overall movement of the muscle.

This process has really helped many of our competitive running clients stay ahead of any potential injuries. Our personal trainers have incorporated foam rolling into many clients cool down and stretching segments of their workout. However, we have also encouraged our clients to foam roll on their own as a part of their regular fitness maintenance routine.

If you have any specific questions about foam rolling, just ask your CoachMeFit personal trainer about how foam rolling or self myofascial release can benefit your fitness program.

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