Balancing your health

By: Jen Boyce, Manager, CoachMeFit Ann Arbor (

Two weeks ago we had a client talking to his trainer about an article in the Ann Arbor News. The article is about balance and how it helps throughout your life. I looked it up and found that it had a lot of good information.

Many people take balance for granted. As we get older, balance is one of the things we lose, right along with hearing and vision. Falls due to loss of balance is the fifth leading cause of death for people 65 and older. This article mentions different types of products with different levels. Something like the balance pads would be good for people just starting to work on balance. They are thick pieces of foam that create a feeling of instability. Next might be the Dyna-discs. They are round air filled discs that make you feel like you are stepping on a “deflated football.” You can do a wide range of exercises on them. Last would be the BOSU ball. BOSU stands for “Both Sides Utilized.” It looks like a half ball with one side hard. You start using the soft side up, then as you get better, you flip it over to have the hard side up. Definitely a challenging¬† way to work your balance.

This client that I spoke of never stepped foot on a BOSU because he hated the way it made him feel (unbalanced). His trainer tried to tell him time after time that it was good for him. After he read this article, he not only believes his trainer now but he lets her plan for BOSU exercises every session.



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