Investing in your health?

I recently found a small blurb on a website called that got me thinking about CoachMefit and our mission:

Be Proactive not Reactive

“We all live busy lives, but what is more important than our health? Often we don’t think about our body until it lets us down. Try incorporating prehab exercises into your workout routine to keep your body from breaking down into a cumulative injury cycle. Think of the principle of investing your money. People often spend a lot of time and energy in investing their money to achieve a great return. In the same way, we should invest in our body by being proactive in order to achieve a healthier and more productive lifestyle.”

We live in a time where when it comes to physical health, a lot of people are reactive instead of proactive. Not everyone sees the value in spending time and money on avoiding injuries and major health problems, they would prefer to pay high insurance premiums and dish out their money for expensive medications.

A poet named Virgil once said “the greatest wealth is health”. Let’s all be a little more proactive and help others do so when it comes to health. Let’s not spend our healthy years gaining wealth, just to spend our wealth in order to regain health.

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