Fit for the Holidays!!!

“Today I will do my best!!  Today, I will try my best to make choices that are healthy and make me feel good. Today, I will work on my goal!!”


Rachel Canen

Manager, CoachMeFit- Ann Arbor

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

holiday pic


The holidays can be a time of year where you get overwhelmed with getting gifts for others, having the family over or going over to your families. The importance of getting a workout in can be on the bottom of the list. If a hidden camera were placed in your refrigerator, pantry, or cupboard during the holiday season, you’d notice a significant growth in the amounts of foods that are low in nutrients but high in calories, such as meats with heavy sauces, candies and chocolates, or gift baskets with processed, packaged foods that are coated in oils. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying these foods, but out-of-sight is out-of-mind and in-sight is, well, you get the idea!

Here’s a little secret: your body can be relatively bulletproof to forming fat from food if you exercise before you eat.  The key is to keep moving, be active throughout the day!!Having a solid plan in place, even if you veer off track a little, is a great strategy to stay healthy through the season. Moving your body first thing in the morning sets the day right and helps your body stay stress-free during this busy season.

 Remember this time of year is all about enjoying yourself with friends and family.  Definitely don’t deprive yourself of the things you love most about the season. Just be sure to stay on track during the days before and after the party. When you stick to a healthy lifestyle and stay consistent, you have wiggle room for a little indulgence here and there.

So don’t get discouraged just thinking about making time to workout during the holidays! Think about how great you will feel after the holidays because you carried on your normal fitness routine. Make a goal for yourself that you can reach. With the right attitude and hard work, you will accomplish your goal!!



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