Oh, That’s Uncomfortable?

A cute story from CoachMeFit in West Bloomfield, MI:

I have a couple, Bob and Kelly, who I train three days a week at 7 am. I was originally reluctant to have to wake up before 6 am (I’m lucky to make it to the coffee pot at that hour) but Kelly and Bob’s comic interactions make waking up early completely worth it. I often find myself laughing at their one-liners and quick jokes.

One morning I had them doing a combination move of a push-up followed by a dumbbell row in a push-up position. Physiologically, this type of exercise is demanding because it calls on two opposing muscle groups simultaneously (chest and back). The body needs to get blood and oxygen to both sets of muscles at once, and the heart rate tends to spike.

When I told Kelly and Bob what we were going to do, both of them looked at me like I was crazy, but got into a push-up position anyway. Bob started his set and got 4 reps into it before Kelly had even tried one. After doing one, Kelly tells me that it was too hard and she’s going to do them on her knees. Two repetitions later, Kelly looks at me and says– oh-so-matter-of-factly– “Catherine, I’m not going to do these anymore. They are really uncomfortable.”

At this comment, Bob stops (mid push-up, obviously struggling with his 10th repetition, sweat dripping down his face) and looks incredulously at his wife. After a silent pause he asks sarcastically: “Oh. These are uncomfortable? I was really wondering what to call them. Thanks.

Kelly never finished the set. I was laughing too hard to care. Now, whenever I’m going to give Kelly and Bob something hard to do I always warn them they may be “uncomfortable” for the next few minutes.



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