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Go ahead…act childish!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
Jen Rowley, A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer
Manager of CoachMeFit Ann Arbor

Kids have a way of exercising without it seeming like a chore, a task, hard work, or just something you “have to do”. Kids just play! And when they play, they are reaping all the benefits of daily exercise. Without even trying! Take a look at a child after they come in from playing: sweaty, a little bit dirty, hungry, and HAPPY! As an adult, I envy that playful freedom. My children inspire me to get out there and play more, whether that means taking time to hula-hoop with them or just enjoying my morning runs a little bit more. Whatever our days bring, we need to make time to exercise like kids–and have more fun getting healthy and fit!

kids playing

Let’s review some general fitness concepts from our P.E. days:

Cardiovascular fitness: heart health…Activities that make our hearts beat faster make our hearts more healthy. This helps us become more fit and improve our endurance (our ability to do something for a long period of time).

Weight bearing exercise: Walking, running, or weight training improves bone strength.

Minimum recommended activity amount: 30-60 minutes each day. This can be broken up into 10-minute increments throughout the day. Don’t forget to add a day or two of muscle- building activities!

Pacing: A good pace means you are not going super-fast or super-slow…just maintaining a comfortable speed. When you are exercising, set your own pace and don’t worry about others around you. You will enjoy your time a lot more!

Walk breaks: Many times, taking a little  break to speed walk and then return to your running will allow you to go further and finish feeling better. Walk breaks are very beneficial–they allow you to recover a bit, re-hydrate, and then get back into your run feeling refreshed.
Haisley Happenings

Go ahead- grab your hula hoop, jump rope, or sneakers and get outside! Here are some ways to act childish while you are working out. I guarantee that, as you wipe your sweat away,  you will have a smile on your face!

hula hoops

Hula Hoop–found at Target, Meijer, or (for more of a challenge) pick up a weighted hoop at MC Sports! They have 1.5 and 2.5 pound hoops that come with directions and are a blast to use.

Jump rope–found at any sporting good store or on-line. Be sure to get the correct length for your height. Spend a bit more for a rope with a bit of weight, plastic beads, and padded handles. It will last longer than a plain rope and will be more fun to jump.

Running paths–Gallop Park and County Farm Park both have beautiful scenery and a mix of wood chip, paved, and dirt paths. The nature and fresh air will make you feel like a kid. It may even inspire you to do some of the fun obstacles in County Farm Park or do some  push ups and triceps dips on the benches in Gallop Park!

Have fun and be fit!