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Staying Accountable with Calorie Tracking Tools

Monday, July 18th, 2011

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, information is power.  The more in tune one is with their body, the better he or she can fine-tune their routine to optimize their health.  One great way to stay in touch with your body is to keep a food log to track the amount of calories you intake every day.  If you know how much you are taking in, you can adjust your intake or your fitness routine to meet your fitness goals.


The web offers many great solutions for easy calorie tracking and one particularly good option is’s MyPlate feature.  Creating a basic account is free, and once you are signed up, tracking calories is easy using their comprehensive database of common food items with all of the nutritional information already entered.  MyPlate also offers a long list of activities so that you can closely track the calories you burn compared to your intake.


Of course, what would a calorie-tracking tool be if it were not easily portable?  Luckily, Livestrong offers a $2.99 mobile app that syncs to your account so you can keep your log up-to-date on the go.


The Livestrong solution is just one of many excellent tools available to keep good records of your food intake and daily activities in order to develop a broader picture of your real health and fitness level.