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CoachMeFit loves it’s East Grand Rapids Runners!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Here at CoachMeFit in Grand Rapids, and every other location for that matter, we are all about supporting our local community and getting involved in any way we can when it comes to the health, fitness and over-all well being of the East Grand Rapids Community. This community is quite a dedicated group when it comes to living active and healthy lifestyles. This fact is demonstrated in plain view by the fact that in East Grand Rapids alone there are so many events offered to give people a chance to participate. Just to name a few that literally pass in front of our studio: The Irish Jig, The Reeds Lake Run, The Reeds Lake Triathlon, The Relay for Life, The Spectrum Criterium, and the list goes on and on. We here at our East Grand Rapids location have partnered with a local running club to offer their members a free place to warm-up and store their gear on the cold days, and a place to cool down and eat some fruit on the warm ones. We are THE location for the Gazelle Sports Running Club. Below are a few pictures from the most recent Irish Jig.

Scott (the manager of Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids) is calling me out on this picture. Scott posted a 5k p.r. at this race. He beat his previous time by almost 3 minutes!! Think he’s been training hard?



              A nice shot from outside of the studio Pre-Race.

         A little pre-race stretching never hurt anyone. Or did it?


Do you have a group of friends, or family, or co-workers that are all running in the upcoming Reed’s Lake Run? Feel free to contact Brian at CoachMeFit if you need a place to store some gear, or feel free just to stop by after the race and fuel up on some post-race nutrition.