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Friday, April 24th, 2009

Hello again everybody. It has been two weeks since we updated you on what our ginea pig Mike has been up to. So here is his latest. Mike seems to have followed the last blog entry and bought himself a new pair of shoes. Can you relate? Have you guys upped your water intake and stretching and core work? Keep at it, it will pay off. Stay focused on the prize, enjoy the nice spring weather, and continue becoming the runner, and person, you know you can be.

Week of 4/6 running summary – Mike Ritsema:
Monday               Rest
Tuesday               4 miles in 27 minutes @ 152 bpm
Wednesday        4.5 miles in 40 minutes at 135 bpm
Thursday             Rest
Friday                   7 miles in 56 minutes at 132 – 162 bpm & 565 cal.
Saturday              7 miles in 60 minutes at 141 – 143 bpm
Sunday                 Rest
Notes & thoughts:
I actually felt better on Saturday for the 7 miles than on Friday!
I do feel like I lack the energy at times.   Not so much the cardio, but just plain energy to burn.
I’m interested in better understanding this energy burn thing.
Week of 4/13 running summary – Mike Ritsema:
Monday               5 miles in 37 ½ minutes & 505 calories
Tuesday               Rest – busy
Wednesday        5 miles
Thursday             Rest
Friday                   8 miles in 67 minutes at 133 – 143 bpm & 828 cal.
Saturday              8 miles in 65 minutes at 143 – 143 bpm & 800 cal.
Sunday                 Rest
Notes & thoughts:
8 miles is a long haul alone.  My brother, Randy, helped me along for 5 miles on Saturday.  That helped.
These long runs are work, but building confidence.   I’m developing a nasty blister on the arch of my right foot.
I’m concerned.  I also am amazed by how my heart settle in at about 135 bpm in the middle of a long run. 
I also bought my annual – traditional new pair of shoes today.  That’ll help I’m sure.  I am paranoid about a pair of 9’s this weekend.
Michael Ritsema
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True Blue Pod Squad

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

The CoachMeFit Corporation has a plethora of University of Michigan alumni on its team including Birmingham studio owner Derek DiGiovanni, West Bloomfield owner Catherine Munaco, VP of Development Brad McFarlane, and CoachMeFit President Lindsay Bogdasarian.

The U of M Alumni Association recently interviewed Lindsay about how a Personal Trainer can change your life.  Click the link below to hear the interview.

University of Michigan Alumni Association Podcast – Lindsay Bogdasarian


Tips for you Newbies (beginners)

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Hello everyone. I trust this entry finds you enjoying your training and working hard towards your goals. The picture will make sense at the end of the entry, so read on. For this entry I would like to address everyone who would consider themselves a beginner when it comes to following a running routine, or just to running in general. Being three weeks into this program I am sure you have it figured out how to structure your life around the program and also how your body is reacting to the training. Stay motivated at this point as it is now that your body is really making changes and producing visible results when it comes to your training. This can be a tough point in anyones training program as the excitement of starting has worn down and the realization of what lies ahead is in sight.  Due to this mental “road block” I thought I would put out a few suggestions, tips, and things to consider, just to keep you on track and getting maximal results from you efforts.

#1-WATER= We have all heard that the human body is somewhere between 60-70% water, and it’s true, and thats very important for your health. Just a simple 5% reduction in your bodies hydration status will result in a 20% decrease in it’s performance. That includes your performance in running, walking, thinking, recovering. When it comes to to doing a running/walking program such as this, it is absolutely essential that you are drinking enough water. Water helps your body flush out the bad, and circulate the good. It helps your body perform better, recover better, and flush out fat better. I could go on and on here, but what I am saying people is…DRINK MORE WATER!

#2-Shoes= If you did not buy a new pair of shoes in order to undertake this program, or very recently before it, I would suggest visiting your local running store and getting properly fitted for a running shoe that is specific to your needs. All of this training can take a strain on the body, and all of that stress and pounding that happens in running, starts with your feet. It is actually well proven that worn out shoes cause all types of running injuries. Shin splints, knee pain, muscle pulls, tightness, hip pain, can all sometimes be traced back to improper and worn out shoes. It would be a small investment that can pay huge dividends. I would hate to have any of you work so hard in your training only to come up injured before the race.

#3-Core Work= When it comes to running and walking, there is no debating the importance of having a strong core. Yes people, there is no substitute here for consistency and “crunches”. Elite runners have been proven to improve their running performance by 5% just by adding in consistent core workouts. I would suggest adding in 5-10 minutes of core work 3-4 days a week following your scheduled run/walk/or workout.

Follow those three suggestions and it will help you perform better, avoid injury, and enjoy your training. Have a great weekend everyone. Here is a funny qoute to finish off, this is what the rest of the world thinks about us runners.

“If morning runners knew how inticing they looked to morning drivers, they would stay home and do crunches”


The Training Plan…in Action.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

We are in the middle of week two of the training plan. I hope you are feeling motivated and positive about the progress you have made so far. Mike has given us another update on how his training has been going, as well as the obstacles that have been in his way. Good job everybody. Keep running, keep recovering, and remember that often the journey teaches you far more than the destination.

Week of 3/23 running summary – Mike Ritsema:

Monday               4 miles pretty hard

Tuesday               4 miles pretty hard

Wednesday        Rest

Thursday             47 minutes at 125 – 142 bpm avg. 135 bpm burned 505 calories

Friday                    4 miles in 34 minutes at 138 bpm

Saturday              Race:  10K – 6.2 miles in 47 minutes = 7:34 / mile

Sunday                 Rest

Notes & thoughts:

I’m a busy guy with lots of responsibilities.   Running is therapy to me.  I like to run and it stabilizes me – reorients me.  But, running isn’t the center of my universe.  I enjoy golf, biking and loafing too.  Besides that, I do run a business which is taking quite a bit of time and energy in this economy.   At my age, 51, my personal challenge includes both motivation and energy.   Sometimes, I just don’t have either to get me out the door.   That’s why I operate best when working out with others in a group.

I find this new workout plan intriguing.  I’ve read and discussed the methodology in the past.   Slowing down my pace to a reasonable burn rate is counterintuitive to me.   I’ve been running for over 35 years.  Brute force always seemed reasonable to me.  And, yes, I do haul around some ‘70s era concepts that may have been improved on over the last few decades.

I’ll continue putting on the miles in as close alignment to the training schedule as I’m able.

Michael Ritsema
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