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Heart Smart!!

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Pop quiz: Can you name the most important muscle in your body? Nope, it’s not your abs, hamstrings or triceps. It’s your heart!


The human heart is an amazing muscle, capable of pumping about five quarts of blood throughout the body every minute—that’s approximately 2,000 gallons of blood each day! In fact, the average heart beats about 100,000 times each day, too, which is why it’s so important to have a strong and healthy heart.

And just like you can exercise to build strength in your skeletal muscles, you can—and should—also train your heart to become stronger, healthier and more efficient at doing its job. The right workout plan is like strength-training for your heart, which helps it pump more blood with less effort.

The Facts
According to the American Heart Association (AHA) nearly 70% of Americans don’t get enough exercise, yet inactivity is a major risk factor for developing coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD is caused by deposits of fatty substances, cholesterol, calcium and other substances in the inner lining of the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. This build-up makes the arteries narrowed or blocked, and when oxygen-rich blood can’t reach the heart, the result is chest pain or a heart attack. Over time, CAD can weaken the heart muscle and lead to heart failure.

While CAD is the most common type of heart disease and the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women, the good news is that lifestyle changes—like exercise!—can help prevent or treat CAD in most people.

How to Exercise for a Healthy Heart
Fortunately, it doesn’t take hours in the gym to reap the heart-healthy benefits of exercise. As little as 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking, most days of the week can substantially reduce your risk of heart disease, enhance your mental well-being, help you manage your weight, and improve your blood pressure and blood lipid (cholesterol) profiles.

While previous recommendations have focused mainly on cardio (aerobic) conditioning for heart health, new guidelines developed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the AHA also take into account higher levels of intensity and the benefits that strength training offers your heart, too. These recommendations are for healthy adults under the age of 65 who want to improve heart health, prevent heart disease, and increase overall well-being.

Cardio (aerobic) exercise guidelines: Perform moderately-intense cardio exercise for 30 minutes a day, five days a week. If weight-loss is your goal as well, bump this number up to 60 to 90 minutes at a moderate intensity. Moderate intensity is defined by ACSM as a target heart rate range of 55%-59% of your maximum heart rate—about at the pace where you break a sweat but are still able to carry a conversation.


Perform vigorously cardio for 20 minutes a day, three days a week. According to ACSM, a vigorous intensity is at 70%-89% of your maximum heart rate, which is an aggressive pace where you can only get a few words out at a time.

Strength training guidelines: Do 8-10 strength-training exercises with 8-12 repetitions of each exercise twice a week.

No matter how much you work out now, you can improve your heart health with a combination of cardio and strength exercises. The important thing is to just get moving!

This article has been reviewed and approved by SparkPeople fitness experts and certified personal trainers, Jen Mueller and Nicole Nichols.

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Fit for the Holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

“Today I will do my best!!  Today, I will try my best to make choices that are healthy and make me feel good. Today, I will work on my goal!!”


Rachel Canen

Manager, CoachMeFit- Ann Arbor

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

holiday pic


The holidays can be a time of year where you get overwhelmed with getting gifts for others, having the family over or going over to your families. The importance of getting a workout in can be on the bottom of the list. If a hidden camera were placed in your refrigerator, pantry, or cupboard during the holiday season, you’d notice a significant growth in the amounts of foods that are low in nutrients but high in calories, such as meats with heavy sauces, candies and chocolates, or gift baskets with processed, packaged foods that are coated in oils. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying these foods, but out-of-sight is out-of-mind and in-sight is, well, you get the idea!

Here’s a little secret: your body can be relatively bulletproof to forming fat from food if you exercise before you eat.  The key is to keep moving, be active throughout the day!!Having a solid plan in place, even if you veer off track a little, is a great strategy to stay healthy through the season. Moving your body first thing in the morning sets the day right and helps your body stay stress-free during this busy season.

 Remember this time of year is all about enjoying yourself with friends and family.  Definitely don’t deprive yourself of the things you love most about the season. Just be sure to stay on track during the days before and after the party. When you stick to a healthy lifestyle and stay consistent, you have wiggle room for a little indulgence here and there.

So don’t get discouraged just thinking about making time to workout during the holidays! Think about how great you will feel after the holidays because you carried on your normal fitness routine. Make a goal for yourself that you can reach. With the right attitude and hard work, you will accomplish your goal!!



It can be Tricky to NOT Treat yourself!!!

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013





“Eating crappy food isn’t a reward — it’s a punishment.”

It can be very tempting to eat just one or two Snicker bars after the kids come back from Trick-Or-Treating. The problem with that is one or two at a time turn into 10 to 20 in an hour. Most people are unaware with how many calories are in a “fun size” candy bar or a tiny pack of M&Ms.  Here is an idea of how many calories are in certain pieces of candy:

M&Ms, plain, Fun size (18 g) – 88 calories and 12 g carb

M&Ms, peanut, Fun size (18 g) – 93 calories and 11 g carb

Miniature Bars (Milky Way, Snickers, Twix, 3 Muskateers) – average 38 calories and 5 g carb each bar

Tootsie Rolls

  • Small bar – 50 calories and 10 g carb
  • Midgee – 23 calories and 7 g carb
  • Mini-Midgees – 11 calories and 2 g carbs

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

  • Miniature (about 9 grams each) – 44 calories and 5 g carb per cup
  • Snack size (17 g) – 88 calories and 10 g carb
  • Snack size (21 g) – 100 calories and 12 g carb
  • White, Snack size (21 g) – 100 calories and 11 g carb

Kit Kat, Fun size (14 g) – 73 calories and 9 g carb

Snickers Bars, Fun size (17 g) – 80 calories and 10 g carb

Twix, Snack size (10 g) – 50 calories and 7 g carb

Milk Duds Snack size (12 g) – 54 calories and 9 g carb

Smarties Candy, Roll – 25 calories and 6 g carb

halloween 13


We have to get the idea we can workout in order to indulge in junk food or candy out of our heads. We work out to lower our chances of having health issues, control our weight gain, build strength and to overall feel better.

Here are just a few benefits to working out:


Most people lose 10% of their aerobic capacity each year after the age of 30. However, regular exercise can actually make you more aerobically fit as you get older. Working out also improves skin and muscle tone, increases flexibility and reduces the risk of many age-related diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke.


As you get older, your bones lose density (mass), your joints become stiffer and less flexible, and your lean body mass decreases. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to slow or prevent muscle, joint and bone problems. A moderate to vigorous workout program can help you maintain strength and flexibility into your golden years.


Many studies have proven that people who work out on a regular basis have better memory, reaction time and concentration than their sedentary counterparts. And it doesn’t take much: walking for 45 minutes three times a week is enough to improve your degree of mental sharpness. Aerobic activity stimulates the middle-frontal and superior parietal regions of the brain, which are associated with attention and keeping goals in mind.


Exercising reduces stress and anxiety by diminishing electrical activity in tense muscles as soon as you finish your workout, which makes you less hyperactive and jittery. In addition, your body releases more endorphins for an hour and a half to two hours after your workout, which boosts your mood and promotes relaxation. Another benefit of physical activity is that it provides you with the motivation to improve your diet, and proper nutrition reduces stress. There is even evidence that regular exercise can aid in treating clinical depression.


The best reason of all to work out regularly is that it reduces your risk of many serious and potentially deadly diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, colon cancer, breast cancer, stroke, heart attack, and arthritis.

Really focus on working out for the right reasons and be sure to not let your temptations set you back. Ask yourself, is it really worth it to eat a candy bar or two??


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Attention Bikers! TRX MTB Exercises

Friday, April 29th, 2011

By: Matt Ladiski, NASM CPT, CoachMeFit Grand Rapids

I was strolling across the local bike shops the other day and noticed a piece of equipment that they’re all starting to carry…TRX!  For those not familiar with the TRX system, it is the yellow suspension training system seen at many CoachMeFit studios.  It’s a good way to workout and build your skills at home but can be a little intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing.  If you’re interested in learning how to use TRX to improve your agility, ask your CoachMeFit Personal Trainer or click on the link below:

Hybrid Exercises for MTB


The TRX, An Essential Part of Your Workout

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

By: Amber Tebeau, NASM CPT, Manager and Trainer CoachMeFit West Bloomfield

The TRX, Total Resistance Exercise, is the latest and greatest piece of fitness equipment on the market.  The TRX is a form of suspension training that utilizes body weight to increase total body strength, balance, flexibility, core stability, and performance, which will also increase calorie burn and weight loss.

The TRX was created by Randy Hetrick, the founder of Fitness Anywhere, the company behind the TRX.  Randy created the TRX while he was on the battle field serving as a Navy SEAL.  Randy recognized the importance of having a piece of exercise equipment that was light, easily portable, and functional.  The TRX is now used by all of the branches of the Armed Forces, the NCAA, Hollywood stars, and professional athletes.

The TRX is a valuable piece of fitness equipment because it is appropriate for all ages and all fitness levels.  Virtually any exercise can performed on the TRX and the best part is that any exercise can be made to be more difficult or easier just by simply taking a step or two. The TRX weighs less than 2 pounds and it can be set up anywhere, including a gym, a park, a hotel room or at home.

CoachMeFit  started working with the TRX in the spring of 2010, and I went to an official TRX training course in July of 2010.  Our studios are very excited about getting on board with TRX suspension training.   We have found the TRX to be very challenging and very practical for our clients to use.   Our clients were very excited when we started using the TRX and their excitement has continued the more they have worked with it.  I have several clients who regularly ask to use the TRX during their sessions.

The TRX is one of best and most versatile pieces of equipment that we have at CoachMeFit.  Every exercise on the TRX engages the entire core, for an incredible total body workout.  If you have goals that include toning muscle, core and totally body strength, increased athletic performance or increased flexibility, then the TRX should become an essential part of your workout routine.