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Walk into any CoachMeFit and you can see why it can change people's lives. It's the welcoming environment, the positive energy, the way trainers and clients interact. Our focus is on delivering customized personal training to clients of all ages and levels of fitness. With the encouragement and guidance of professional trainers, our clients see results whether their goal is to lose weight, build muscle, heighten sports performance, or improve balance.

A Work-Out Program That Works

You can be a "member" at dozens of gyms, but at CoachMeFit you're a client. Unlike a typical fitness center where hundreds of people workout any time of day, CoachMeFit provides personalized training in a semi-private setting. Our clients span all ages, levels of fitness and a variety of physical limitations. Young athletes who want to improve their game, the mother-of-the bride who wants to drop a dress size, as well as ninety-year-olds who want to improve their mobility find that CoachMeFit helps them reach their goals effectively because the training is specific to their needs.

The Inspiration for Perspiration

Before coming to CoachMeFit, many of our clients struggled to stick with any fitness program. They've found that signing up and showing up dramatically changes this pattern because it makes them accountable and builds fitness into their routine. Your trainer is your coach, your cheerleader, and your teacher. The atmosphere is fun and energizing. Expect to work hard and to leave feeling accomplished and less stressed.

To give clients the highest level of personal training in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment that allows them to reach their fitness goals.

To give trainers the facilities and support to enable them to train CMF clients effectively and safely. CMF provides a comfortable work environment where trainers can learn from each other and grow in their profession.

To offer business-minded individuals the opportunity to own a successful fitness franchise along with the rewards of helping people become more fit.


At CoachMeFit®, our specialty is helping busy people look, feel, and function better. The company has come a long way since it started in early 2001 with the first location at 2300 E. Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor. The extensive team efforts resulted in the creation of the pinnacle application of exercise science, a high-tech fitness process syncs up with our client's current capabilities, conditions, and comfort levels. We call our methodology Right Intensity Training™, and we produce real results in record time. The second location was started at 2125 Cole St, Birmingham. And in 2018, the third location has been opened at 16943 Ridge Rd, Northville.